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Epicurean Daughter Conchita..? So? What do you have to say?
As of 12 September 2009:
7,635 comments posted.


App!Collapse )

((98.1%, 51 in/1 out!))
[there is one Drifter sitting outside the mess hall, lazily leaning on a tree, contemplating a sandwich]

I don't think it's supposed to look like this. Hmm.

((THIS IS TO TRY TO GET MY CANONMATES TOGETHER also anyone else who wants to help me fix Arnaud please feel free to stop by and bother him Arnaud loev people ♥))

[player emo]

Someone help me not let Arnaud walk off into the sunset. Please.

also someone make me do my thread posts aaargh
FLIST SPAMMER I know I know sorry

This post is dedicated to you, the potential Wild Arms 4 apper! (... I will take any WA apps but this is mostly for 4. I APOLOGIZE)

Cut for whoring and lengthCollapse )

[CFUW 33 - Locked to Tomo]

Question: if you had to pick one between, say, Xiang, Saya or Fllay, who would it be?


[CFUW 33 - locked to Il Palazzo]

You were cleared with the shoulderpads, so I figured I might as well share with you.


Already figured out the answer, but I was wondering if you had any ideas on who is the real wolf? Xiang, Saya or Hyde?

ETA - already spilled my clue to the crowd. Unsure if the wolf is Hyde, since his "name" is different colors than the other two, or Saya, because her "name" doesn't look like a word, or Xiang because her name ISN'T different in some way.


[CFUW 33 - locked to Hugo]

You don't necessarily need Caesar, you know. I have something to show you, if you want to see it.