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Arnaud G. Vasquez

Confident in everything from the neck up!

How do I always get myself pulled into these things?

Canon Quotes:
Personally, I prefer pretty girls with their clothes on.
Am I this much of a softie? Why am I getting mixed up in this?
That phrase is for my personal exclusive use. I forbid anyone from using it as long as I'm using it. No exceptions!!
Lately it's split into so many sub-genres, it's hard to keep up. I just read it for the articles. |D

((FORMER RP journal for campfuckudie, played by ryuudo.))

(Icon notes: all icons were made by me, either through my video capture or my manga scans (or the artbook scans, by recurrence), please don't steal because I'm sure I'm the only one on the entire internet who cares this much about Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator. XD )
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