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[CFUW 33 - locked to Fllay]

So, Fllay. Got any ideas?


Essay meme goes here? I'm sure you know the drill by now. Even though I don't expect any questions and I AM SO NOT PIMPING THIS ON THE CFO COMM. Ha ha.


Jul. 22nd, 2006

New relationship meme since it's been a while since I did the last one and I want to make myself think that I might have met some more people since then zomg. :D

The main characters in Wild Arms 4

Because all of... 7 people? in camp have played/are playing this game. Minimal spoilers too.

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that serious baby poll thing


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fight meme!

Abilities?: Formula (or magic) is Arnaud's forte. I have a post further down where I detail the specifics of how it works. But while it's powerful, it's definitely not THAT powerful. It all depends on the element he's standing on and the element you are aligned with (or standing on). He can Jump though, which is basically a crazy high jump that can take him around the general location he's in so he can run away from you. He's also got throwing knives. In the end, Arnie is a long distance attack and support mage.

Canon?: When you have a kick ass woman like Raquel in the game? Arnie is definitely on the low end of the totem pole when it comes to his abilities in canon. As he's mostly support, he doesn't have a great kick, but he's pretty high on the strategy aspect of it all. He knows this, though.

Camp?: Quite low. Arnaud doesn't have any illusions that he's some super fantastic fighter though. HE IS CONTENT WITH RUNNING THE HELL AWAY IF IT'S REALLY THAT DANGEROUS

Psychic?: I got nothing here. He is as normal as the day is looongg. Will add more if I can think of anything.

Permissions?: NO DEATH PLEASE. Please. As for injuries, talk to me. Not averse to some stuff, it all depends on the severity!

Serious Polls.

A compilation of sorts, since I haven't commented on serious polls for a while.

Secret Fetishes poll: answer!: PRETTY GIRLS WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON (it's so canon)

Opinions on No-sex rule!: My answer! - Actually quite happy thanks oh god yes.

Who would your character do!: My answer! - happily Raquelsexual (OR JUDESEXUAL) for now k.

Character/Mun likes/dislikes etc - will be answered later. XD

UNDERWEAR POLL: My answer! - Briefs/boxer-briefs.

Camp: Real? y/n - Short answer, yes. Long answer to follow?

I didn't link the first one, but have another masturbation poll I AM NOT ANSWERING THIS RIGHT NOW K

Bedwear and positions - TBA

What keeps you playing your characters.: my answer! - to be continued later, maybe. I don't know.

Mafia! to be answered shortly.

Secrets and guilty pleasures to be answered eventually.

How would your character be in bed? - which may or may not ever be answered!

Why can't we have a nice serious polls about puppy dogs or something.


THAT OOC THING (you know)

PS I stole this version from Norma. HI NORMA

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8) Other stuff: Questions go here, I know I missed some stuff. If you have questions or ideas for plotty things or whatever, please feel free. Planning is yay.


permissions and stuff meme

Age: 18
Height: 174 cm? I'll have to check.
Eyes: Blue-greenish?
Hair: Light brown

Medical Info: he's remarkably healthy considering he doesn't have medical insurance and is like. a hobo. I have got to stop calling him that

Physical traits: He isn't to remarkable except for his pants and feather thing.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: I can't think of anything not to tell him, besides spoilers from the end of the game? If you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you know why. I'm taking him from before the final dungeon, so~.

Notes for the Psychics: There is really nothing here, Arnaud wouldn't ping that way. He is not special. D:

Abilities: Arnie is fairly agile, as he has a special ability to make him jump. Yes, Jump. Anyway. Aside from magic casting (Formula) and his Personal Skill (Jump), he apparently can sense the souls of the earthbound dead! oooooOOOOooohh. This has not really been used in camp since it's so minor. XD

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Shapeshift/Bodyswap - please ping me about it, either through IRC or email, it all depends on the situation. As for physical abuse, in a minor sense, I don't really have a problem, just maybe let me know it's coming.

Kissing/Hugging: GO FOR IT. It makes him uncomfortable, but. I like it, lawl.

Fighting: Arnaud has a track record for avoiding battles unless he has no choice, so again, just drop me a line or something if you want something to happen. (Also, I suck at RPing fights XD)

Maim/Murder/Death: Any of these may cause emo and such. I. Would need to think about it.

Cooking: I would have to say he can cook. Sort of. It's edible, but I can't say it's great. (Or maybe this question is: Can you cook Arnaud? And the answer to that is yes.)

Random Information

Random information for my reference and for anyone elses, if they care! Yay. Also - CFUD makes me think too hard on how to explain WA4's magic system. It doesn't make sense and I shouldn't keep trying. (But I love it anyway)

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I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'll worry about it later.