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Character: Arnaud G. Vasquez
Series: Wild ARMs 4
Character Age: 18
Canon: The land of Filgaia was torn apart by war. It's only in the last ten years that the war has ended, but the land has not yet recovered. It still remains desolate, scattered with the broken remnants of the technology of those past years. Wild ARMs 4 is the story of Jude Maverick, who lived peacefully unaware of all of this in a village above the clouds. A true child, it's not until his world is literally shattered that he begins his journey through Filgaia, learning what it really means to be an adult. Arnaud G. Vasquez is one of the first people Jude meets - in a terribly "uncool" moment, by Arnaud's own admission. (Or, maybe anyone's. Getting punched in the face and then having to be rescued from a cell by a 14 year old? Yeeaaah, that's pretty uncool.)

Arnaud has lived his life up to this point as a Drifter - someone who travels through the land doing odd jobs, more or less. It's anything from investigating ruins to fighting monsters. This job and the responsibilities that go with it make Arnaud believe he's an adult... but sometimes he has a hard time believing that. He's very preoccupied with his age and maturity, as well as appearances, as he tries to be cool, confident, witty and brilliant. Underneath, though, he's cynical, cowardly and just plain whiny. Arnaud is a man who likes to see himself as the victim, but he wants to be needed and wants his skills to be recognized, even if it's him talking himself up. It's through this journey with Jude and the others that he begins to grow - seeing his youth and insecurities as something he still needs to pass through, and finding a real reason to journey. He finds meaning beyond just himself.

Sample Post:

Give me a break here, guys! The director too! I only agreed to come here for the money, you know! The last time my employers didn't pay me, I just quit! ... Well, it was a little like that. All you really have to know about that is they totally regretted ignoring me like that, all thanks to my... little... Sigh, I can't believe I'm resorting to something like this... My little friend! You wanna say hello? Sure you do. So, just hold on a second, alright? I have to get him out! It's so dark in this cave that I can barely see a foot in front of my hand - not a real foot, okay, the measure of distance... Aah, that's better, finally getting a little light in here, so I can finally whip out my secret weapon!

So, come on out, Jude-- Hey, Jude? Don't be afraid... now you're just making me look bad. Are you even in here? If you think hiding's going to work, you still have a lot to learn. I mean, I guess for that matter, so do I. At least right now I can rely on my razor-sharp mind, you know? Wait, you guys wouldn't know anything about that. From what I can see... and I can see it pretty well, your brains are more like pea soup. Which begs the question, why does Miss Elizabeth rely on you? I'm unquestionably the better choice here!

Sheesh, you try to help a lady out, offering your skills up like that and what does she do? She throws you in a dank, dark cave with a bunch of her lackeys. She didn't even give me a pick-axe... not that I'm entirely sure what she wanted me to do in here. I wonder if she's gonna give me the option of ever coming out. You'd think that would go without saying, but nooo. Some of you guys look like you've been in here a while. Talk about a pallid demeanor. Isn't this inhumane? I don't get paid enough for this-- wait, I'm not getting paid at all!

Just because you think I'm a kid, it doesn't mean you can just skip out on that part, you know. Aren't I at the upper end of the age range anyway? You didn't have to give me a lollipop and a sticker with my name on it... So I'm a camper... so what? I'm definitely not a happy one! --You know what? That's it, I've had it. So maybe I didn't think this through entirely, but whatever! I got pulled into this mess, I'll yank myself out. Come on, you guys. With my brains, and whatever's left of your brawn - I know there's not a lot, but we gotta work with what we've got - we'll definitely get out of here.

But first, lunch. And we'll skip the pea soup for brains. Aren't I thoughtful?

((98.1%, 51 in/1 out!))
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