Arnaud G. Vasquez (the_neck_up) wrote,
Arnaud G. Vasquez

To anyone who may be considering the following....

FLIST SPAMMER I know I know sorry

This post is dedicated to you, the potential Wild Arms 4 apper! (... I will take any WA apps but this is mostly for 4. I APOLOGIZE)

FIRST - I WILL BETA ANY WA4 APPS UNLESS YOU ARE PLANNING ON SURPRISING ME because no one is gonna app from this game I am such a pessimist oh god.

I want anyone from WA4. You have three main characters available to you for camper apps. I will even take the goddamn dreaming dolls because they are HORRIBLE and would love it in camp. Everyone else is too old for campers and the counselor app round just finished. I am a little late.

Icon resources - I have the WA4 materials collection. I also have scans of most of it already. I also have the three volumes of the WA4 manga that are out. I have yet to obtain any of the comic anthologies and 4 koma WOE IS ME

I also screencap like a whore. So. There are also those. For you. Potential Wild Arms 4 apper.

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